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Ancient Star Watching

Thirteen Towers at Chankillo (Peru)

Watch the skies! We've been keeping track of the sun, moon, planets and stars for a very long time. Come visit a few of our ancient astronomical observatories

Watching the Stars in the Past
Archaeology Spotlight10

H3 Arabian Neolithic Site - Ubaid Mesopotamian Connections in Kuwait

H3 is an Arabian Neolithic site on the northwestern coast of Kuwait, where evidence of Mesopotamian reed boats has been found dated about 5300 BC.

Mesopotamian Reed Boats - The Earliest Boat Builders

Ancient boats made of reed basketry and covered in pitch were built about 7500 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, the earliest boat building known.

Ubaidian Culture - Ubaid Roots of Mesopotamia

The Ubaidian or Ubaid culture was a widespread shared set of traits and behaviors that predated the urban flowering of Mesopotamia.

Flores Man - Competing Theories about Homo floresiensis

The discovery of Flores man, sometimes called the Hobbit, has created a currently unresolvable puzzle to our understanding of how evolution works on our planet.

Physical Characteristics of Flores Man - What Makes Him Different?

The physical attributes of the human remains known as Flores Man had similarities to several other hominids on our planet, but its variability makes it hard to categorize.

Complex A at La Venta - Ceremonial Court of the Olmec

Complex A at La Venta was the ceremonial center of the Olmec capital in the state of Tabasco, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

The Olmec Capital of La Venta - History and Archaeology

The ancient city of La Venta was a major regional center of the Olmec civilization, despite being located in a wetland environment.

Chalcatzingo - Possible Olmec Colony in the Basin of Mexico

Chalcatzingo is a fascinating site in Mexico, where Olmec-influenced carvings were made in the bedrock, 185 miles from the Olmec heartland.

Were-Jaguar - Icon of the Olmec Civilization

The were-jaguar is an important iconographic symbol of the Olmec civilization, and many later civilizations in Central and North America.

Bering Strait and the Bering Land Bridge

The Bering Land Bridge allowed human population into the Americas some 15,000 years ago: and scholars suggest it may partly regulate global climates.

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