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The Neolithic Lake Dwelling of La Draga

By November 11, 2011

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La Draga is a Neolithic Lake Dwelling, occupied about seven thousand years ago, on the shores of this pretty lake in the Catalonia region of extreme northeastern Spain.

Lake Bayoles, Catalonia, Spain
Lake Bayoles, Catalonia, Spain. Photo by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

Like many of the lake dwelling sites, La Draga's deposits include fabulous preservation, with basketry, bone rings and wooden points, not to mention rectangular huts on stilts.

La Draga was featured in an article in Antiquity this fall. An archaeological park is in progress (or at least was before the economic downturn), which are planned to provide an interpretive look at the site, bAsed on the scholarly excavations which began in 1990.

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Palomo A, Gibaja JF, Piqué R, Bosch A, Chinchilla J, and Tarrús J. 2011. Harvesting cereals and other plants in Neolithic Iberia: the assemblage from the lake settlement at La Draga. Antiquity 85(329):759-771.


June 24, 2013 at 9:52 pm
(1) katesisco says:

What is so interesting is why build out on pilings. Not to mention how difficult these pilings would have been to insert into the lake edge many feet deep — so why?
I was amazed to discover that during a volcanic outburst, trees are blasted apart and later discovered to be upside down in lake water. The root mass at the surface with the severed bole extending down into the water. Possibly a snarl of snags would have washed close to the shore becoming a prototype of this later style of neolithic dwelling.
But what reason would the builders have to continue this accident?

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