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Cacaxtla (Mexico) - Late Classic City of Cacaxtla



Late Classic to Epiclassic, Olmec and Xicalanca cultures


State of Tlaxcala, near the town of San Miguel del Milagro

Dates Occupied:

AD 350-900

Architecture to Visit:

Red Temple, Temple of the Painted Scorpion, Temple of Venus. Also known for its Battle Mural, 22 meters long and one of the longest wall paintings in Mesoamerica.

Museum/Gift Shop:

The Cacaxtla Site Museum, which has galleries with artifacts from several seasons at Cacaxtla, is located in San Miguel del Milagro. A bookshop is located on site.


The INAH website has tons of information about the site, how to get there, and what you want to know before going.

Excavators and Excavations:

Angel Garcia Cook, Luis Reyes García, Pedro Armillas

Why You Should Go:

The name Cacaxtla means "carrying case", more or less, in the Aztec language of Nahuatl. The site was the location of a city supporting as many as 10,000 people, and is considered one of the first cities of the Olmec civilization.
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