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Before You Go: Orkney Neolithic Heartland


On the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland can be found the Standing Stones of Stenness, the Ring of Brodgar and the Neolithic ruins of the Barnhouse Settlement and Skara Brae, make the Orkney Heartland our #2 spot for the top five megalithic sites in the world.

Basic Information

The terrific Orkneyjar website is a great starting point for exploring the Stones of Stenness and other Orkney Neolithic sites on our Internet journey; Visit Orkney will tell you how to get there.


The Stenness Standing Stones are so beautiful and eerie, Van Morrison used one for a recent album cover. Photographs on the megalithic sites in the Orkneys are all over the Internet; but I think the best are from the Stone Pages website.

Learning More

Scroll down to access the Modern Antiquarian's collection of papers on the Orkney Neolithic sites. Undiscovered Scotland has a history of the Stenness Stones, including how some of them were lost of the ages.

Recent Findings

OrkneyJar contains the latest information on the excavations in the Orkneys.

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