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Before You Go: Stonehenge, England


The quintessential megalithic site for the western world is Stonehenge, where every solstice, modern day druids still celebrate the end of winter.

Basic Data

Never heard of Stonehenge? Tsk. Here's where to learn the basics about the most famous megalithic site on the planet.

Meanings and Interpretations

Since the early days of the Enlightenment, people have been thinking about what Stonehenge means. Here's a few suggestions.


Many articles have been written about Stonehenge, concerning how to protect it for the hordes of future tourists... from the hordes of future tourists.

Learning More

Lots of places on the web to find out more. Chris Woodford compiled this online list some time ago, but it's still a keeper.

Recent Findings

Ongoing studies reveal new things about Stonehenge every year. Here's some of the latest info.

Things to Ponder

An article in the Guardian about the mock rockumentary Spinal Tap and its association with Stonehenge.

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