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Weekly Chat from About Archaeology

Moderated by Pat Garrow and K. Kris Hirst

Speaker Data for the March 11th Chat: Anita Cohen-Williams

Printer-Friendly Transcript

Anita Cohen-Williams holds a degree in Anthropology and a Masters in Library Science. She got her start in archaeology at the Mission San Antonio de Padua Field School (in California), in 1977. Anita has worked on excavations in California, Texas, and England. She now concentrates on Spanish Colonial and Mexican Republic period sites in California.

By 1987, she realized that archaeology was not enough, and became a reference librarian at Arizona State University, specializing in anthropology, sociology, and social work. In 1994, she was introduced to the Internet (not the Web). That year Anita started HISTARCH, the electronic discussion list for historical archaeology. SUB-ARCH, a list for underwater archaeology, was subsequently begun in 1995, and her third archaeology/history list, SPANBORD (history and archaeology of the Spanish Borderlands and Northern Mexico 1521-1900) in 1996. All three lists still happily exist.

For her work in this area, Anita is to be the recipient of the Society for Historical Archaeology's Award of Merit at their 2002 meetings in Mobile, Alabama.

Currently, Anita is involved in several new projects. She is writing an ezine (electronic magazine) called SearchMe, about new search engines and research sites on-line. Miles Russell has asked her to edit a chapter of her Archaeology in Fiction Bibliography (1994) for his new book, Digging Holes in Popular Culture: Archaeology and Science Fiction. Anita has also agreed to be the volunteer editor for WebData.com and collect web sites in history, archaeology, and museums. Finally, she will be a contributing editor at the new site, WebSeedPublishing.com for a section on the history and archaeology of the Spanish in America 1521-1821.

Anita lives in San Diego, with her husband (still an archaeologist) and one child. She is a freelancer, working on Internet research, search engine optimization for websites and an ebook on search engines.

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