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Ancient Houses - How We Lived in the Past - Archaeology - About.com
Archaeologists have recognized several styles of homes and dwellings made over the past 30,000 years, beginning with the earliest recorded ancient houses of ...
Pit House - Ancient Residential Structure - Archaeology - About.com
A central hearth would have provided light and warmth; in some pit houses, ... This glossary entry is a part of the About.com guide to the Ancient Houses, and the ...
Mammoth Bone Dwellings - Archaeology - About.com
In central Europe about 16000 years ago, some stylish hunter gatherers built their houses out of ancient elephant bones. What a great idea!
Houses From Ancient Pompeii - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Heating Holes for Food Vendor at Ancient Pompeii - CC Flickr User virtusincertus . For Fast ... Houses and Other Buildings From Ancient Pompeii. On August 24 ...
The Science of Building Ancient Cold-Weather Housing - Archaeology
How people build houses and villages to cope with extreme wintery climate conditions is fascinating to the rest of us, I think, because arctic architecture is a ...
Ancient Daily Life - Daily Life in Ancient Times
Ancient Daily Life includes archaeological studies of how people lived in the past , what they ate, the houses they lived in, the tools they used. Here you'lll also ...
Ancient Maya Architecture - Temples and Palaces
The Ancient Maya were talented builders whose temples and palaces are still ... the temples, but the common Maya lived in small houses outside the city center.
Tipis - Ancient Home of American Plains People - Archaeology
... Religion & Spirituality · Sports · Videos. Share this. About.com · About Education · Archaeology . . . Ancient Daily Life in Civilizations · Ancient Houses ...
Science Fair Projects - Modeling an Ancient Village - Archaeology
A great science fair project is to make a model of an ancient village. Here's a few suggestions ... Reconstructed Viking Houses, Ribe (Denmark) - Hans Splinter.
Ancient Rest Houses and Way Stations - Archaeology - About.com
Any ancient road worth its salt had roadside inns for the weary travelers. Archaeological evidence of way stations and posting houses are at least 2500 years ...
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