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Ancient Houses - How We Lived in the Past - About Archaeology
Archaeologists have recognized several styles of homes and dwellings made over the past 30,000 years, beginning with the earliest recorded ancient houses of ...
Pit House - Ancient Residential Structure - About Archaeology
A pit house (also spelled pithouse) is a type of dwelling that was excavated partly into the earth, from a few inches to more than three feet.
Mammoth Bone Dwellings - About Archaeology
In central Europe about 16000 years ago, some stylish hunter gatherers built their houses out of ancient elephant bones. What a great idea!
Pompeii - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Cave Canem - At the House of the Tragic Poet - CC get directly down. Cave Canem - At the ... Houses and Other Buildings From Ancient Pompeii. On August 24 ...
Ancient Rome from the Earliest Times Down to 476 AD
The private houses of the Romans were poor affairs until after the conquest of the East, when money began to pour into the city. Many houses of immense size ...
Chapter IV. The Athenian House and its Furnishings. The Type and ...
Chapter IV. The Athenian House and its Furnishings. The Type and use of a Greek House. William Stearns Davis' A Day in Old Athens (1910).
The Plan of a Greek House - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Section on the layout of an ancient Greek house, from William Stearns Davis' A Day in Old Athens (1910), including the gynaeconitis or women's quarter.
House Hunting: Archaeological Houses - About Archaeology
This article is a guide to how house construction has changed through the ages, from ... May 6 · Ancient Houses · Spanish Language: Learn Spanish grammar, ...
Ideas From Ancient History on How to Keep Cool
built their houses from mud brick, which keeps the house cool. Windows were small, and were arranged opposite doors to allow for a cross-draft. Ancient and ...
Ancient Maya Architecture - Temples and Palaces
The Ancient Maya were talented builders whose temples and palaces are still ... the temples, but the common Maya lived in small houses outside the city center.
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