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Articles related to archaeological dating methods

A Short Course in Archaeological Dating - Archaeology - About.com
A short course on the various dating methods used in archaeological science over the centuries. Part 1: Relative Dating.
Scientific Dating of Archaeological Sites and Artifacts - Archaeology
4 Subcategories in Scientific Dating of Archaeological Sites and Artifacts ... is more precise and requires less carbon than conventional radiocarbon methods.
A Short Course in Scientific Dating Methods
This course on archaeological dating methods is provided here as an introduction to the primary methods of dating in archaeology. It is also available as an ...
Dendrochronology - Archaeological Dating Technique - Archaeology
Dendrochronology is the name given to the archaeological dating technique ... in Scientific Dating Methods · Radiocarbon Calibrations between 12000 and ...
Techniques of Dating Quiz - Archaeology - About.com
archaeological dating methods · archaeology quizzes. Techniques of Dating Quiz . A Quiz about Archaeological Dating Techniques. This quiz requires ...
What Is Seriation? - Archaeology - About.com
Archaeology 101 - An Introduction to Archaeology · Methods of Archaeological Science · Laboratory Analyses · Dating Archaeological Sites and Artifacts ...
The Development of Archaeological Method - The History of ...
And, Fiorelli began a school for archaeological methods, passing along his ... William Matthew Flinders Petrie , known most for the dating technique known as ...
Luminescence Dating - Archaeology - About.com
Luminescence dating is a relatively new method of dating archaeological sites and ... dating is thermoluminescence (or TL), there are several scientific methods  ...
Archaeomagnetic Dating - Archaeology - About.com
Archaeomagnetic dating is a method of assigning a date to a fireplace or burned ... Archaeology 101 - An Introduction to Archaeology · Methods of Archaeological Science ... The archaeological dating technique of archaeomagnetic dating was ...
Stratigraphy - Earth's Geological and Archaeological Layers
Stratigraphy refers to geological and archaeological layers that make up an ... This glossary entry is a part of the About.com Guide to Dating in Archaeology, and ...
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