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Turkey Archaeology - Archaeology of Turkey - About Archaeology
Turkish Culture History and Archaeology - Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of Turkey.
Gordion - Phrygian capital in Turkey - About Archaeology
The archaeological site of Gordion is located in central Turkey, about 100 kilometers west of the modern town of Ankara, said to be the home of the Phrygian ...
Turkish Archaeological Sites - Archaeological Sites in Turkey
What you need to know about the archaeological resources in modern day Turkey, including the most important archaeological sites.
Hisarlik (Turkey) - About Archaeology
Hisarlik is the modern name for the ancient site of Troy, located in what is now Turkey. First occupied during the Early Bronze Age, 3000 BC, but certainly most ...
Turkeys - History of the Domestication of Turkeys - About Archaeology
The turkey (Meleagris gallapavo) was definitely domesticated in the New World, but the history of turkey domestication is somewhat problematic.
Kerkenes (Turkey) - About Archaeology
The archaeological site of Kerkenes is located on the northern edge of the Cappadocian plain in Yozgat province in central Anatolia (modern day Turkey).
Kusadasi Turkey Day Trips - Viator Tours to Archaeological Sites in ...
Kusadasi is a popular Aegean port on the eastern coast of Turkey often used as a base to explore the rich archaeology of western Turkey. Kusadasi is ...
Ephesus - Archaeological Ruins of Ephesus - About Archaeology
The archaeological ruins of the Ionian city of Ephesus are located in western Turkey at the mouth of the Cayster River as it enters the Aegean Sea.
Pergamum (Turkey) - About Archaeology
The Greek and Roman occupations at the Turkish city of Bergama, called Pergamum, have left numerous beautiful ruins to visit and remember.
Sardis - What and Where is Sardis - About Archaeology
The archaeological site of Sardis was the capital of a dynasty in Asia Minor, according to Herodotus, beginning during the ... Roman Baths at Sardis (Turkey).
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