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Hoabinhian - What and when was the Hoabinhian - Archaeology
Archaeological evidence at sites such as Spirit Cave (Thailand) and Cai Beo ( Vietnam) reveal that people lived in caves, at open air sites, or along coastal ...
Paleoindian and Archaic Burials - A Bibliography - Archaeology
Fish remans from the Spirit Cave paleofecal material: 9,400 year old evidence for Great Basin utilization of small fishes. Tuohy, Donald R. and Dansie, Amy (eds) ...
Pre-Clovis - Founding Population of the Americas - Archaeology
Excavations at Paisley Cave in Oregon have recovered radiocarbon dates and DNA from human coprolites which predate Clovis. Ads. &ensp. &ensp. Guide to ...
Mexico Cave Spirits - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
A picture taken in a cave in Mexico seems to show strange, dark beings.
Cave Spirit - Enlarged - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Cave Spirit - Enlarged: cave spirit mother in law. ... from Anonymous – Here is a picture taken about 15 years ago of a cave that is right across from our house.
readers respond: what do you think of the mexico cave spirits picture?
Readers are asked their opinion of the Mexico Cave Spirits picture.
Orbs in Mayan Cave - Share Your Story: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories
Spirit orbs captured by camera in a cave in Belize. ... This shot comes from a series taken in a cave in Belize that locals claimed was one of the exit points for the ...
2005 Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest Slide Show - Weird Cave Art
2005 Paranormal photo hoax contest - Weird Cave Art. ... Cave Spirit - Enlarged · La Mouthe · Science Fair Project - Rock Art and Archaeology Science Fair ...
The Cave of Lilith - Classic Literature - About.com
The Cave of Lilith is a work by AE (George William Russell). ... "I do not sorrow over him, for long is the darkness before the spirit is born. He learns in your caves  ...
10 Places Find Amazing Caves in India - India Travel - About.com
Udayagiri (Sunrise Hill) has the most interesting caves, and if you don't mind getting up early it's worthwhile to arrive there at dawn for an almost spiritual ...
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