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Hunter Gatherers - Living off the Land - About Archaeology
Hunter gatherers is the name anthropologists have given to people who rely on a combined living of hunting game and gathering root vegetables, nuts, and ...
Complex Hunter-Gatherers - About Archaeology
Since the 1970s, however, anthropologists and archaeologists realized that many hunter-gatherers groups around the world did not fit the rigid stereotype into ...
Natufian Hunter-Gatherers Culture (Levant Region)
The Natufian culture is the name given to the sedentary hunter-gatherers living in the Levant region of the near east between about 12500 and 10200 years ago.
Archaeology Quiz: Hunter-Gatherers
Archaeology Quiz: Hunter-Gatherer: hunter gatherers puzzles and games archaeology games puzzles quiz.
Jomon - Guide to the Earliest Hunter Gatherers in Japan
The Jomon is the name of the early Holocene period hunter-gatherers of Japan, beginning about 14,000 BC and ending about 1000 BC in southwestern Japan ...
Archaeological Guide to Human History - About Archaeology
Hunters and Gatherers (20,000-12,000 years ago) ... all of our cousins everywhere on the planet, we humans relied on hunting and gathering as a way to live.
Guide to the Mesolithic Period - About Archaeology
The Mesolithic period in European history includes the history of the complex hunter-gatherers who developed the technology to cultivate crops.
Mesolithic Age Hunter-Gatherer of Central Europe
Sep 3, 2009 ... About 6000 BC, the inhabitants of Europe were Mesolithic hunter-gatherer- fishers, who lived in houses that looked more or less like the ...
Key Differences Between Paleolithic and Modern Diets
Jun 16, 2014 ... Paleolithic people were hunter-gatherers. All their food came from what they could hunt and find around them. For most of the period, most of ...
Hunter-Gatherer -- Who are Hunter-Gatherers - African History
Definition: The collective name for small nomadic, or semi-nomadic, communities who obtain subsistence by hunting game, harvesting wild fruits and plants, and ...
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