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Hyksos - Who were the Hyksos - Archaeology - About.com
The Hyksos were the ruling dynasty of Egypt between the 13th and 18th dynasties of the Second Intermediate Period.
Ancient Civilizations - The Kingdom of Kush
In 1600 BC they allied with the Hyksos and conquered Egypt beginning the 2nd Intermediate Period. The Egyptians took back Egypt and much of Nubia 50 ...
Pomegranates - Domestication of Pomegranates - Archaeology
The earliest occurrence and representation outside of their native range are in a Hyksos tomb in Tell el Dab'a Egypt (~1780-1550 BC). A Hyksos tomb dated to ...
Hyksos - Rulers of Egypt - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Hyksos are thought to have been foreign, probably Semitic people, from Canaan or Syria, who ruled Lower Egypt (the Egyptian section that runs to the Nile ...
2nd Intermediate - About the Second Intermediate Period of Ancient ...
The Second Intermediate Egypt was a period in which the Hyksos dominated Egypt.
Thera, Tin, and the Aryan Invasion by Tom Slattery
A first note of possible Aryan Invasion influence in Egyptian history comes with the Hyksos (literally "People Under Foreign Rulers") takeover of northern Egypt ...
Lebanon in Ancient Times - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Before the end of the seventeenth century B.C., Lebanese - Egyptian relations were interrupted when the Hyksos, a nomadic Semitic people, conquered Egypt.
Test Your Knowledge of the Pharaohs and Dynasties
Who were the invaders known as the Hyksos. choose one, African nomads, Asian desert people, Nubians. 10. We have surviving papyri from as early as the 5th ...
Freedom-Fighting Queen of Ancient Egypt - Ancient/Classical History
Several hundred years earlier, a group called the Hyksos, probably Semitic in origin, invaded Egypt from the Delta in the East. These foreign lords conquered an ...
Second Intermediate Period - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The second intermediate period was a time when the government of Egypt was split between competing kings and the Asiatic Hyksos controlled Lower Egypt.
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