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Maya Civilization Guide - About Archaeology
The Maya Civilization refers to several independent, loosely affiliated city states who shared a cultural heritage beginning about 2500 years ago.
Maya Civilization - About Archaeology
Archaeological sites and studies of the ancient Maya civilizations of Central America.
Maya Civilization Quiz - About Archaeology
A trivia quiz about the Maya civilization: sans serif font tour of chichen itza architecture maya maya resources maya codices.
Mayan Civilization and Culture - History and Overview - Mexico Travel
The Maya occupied a vast area covering southeast Mexico and the Central American countries of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Mayan culture ...
What Happened to the Ancient Maya? (End of the Empire)
It's one of history's greatest mysteries: an advanced civilization in the foggy rainforests of Central America suddenly went into a steep, irreversible decline.
Ancient Maya Civilization Classic Era - Latin American History
Still, the Ancient Maya civilization reached its peak during the so-called “Classic Era” from around 300-900 A.D. It was during this time that the Maya civilization ...
The Ancient Maya - War and Warfare - Latin American History
Early researchers believed the ancient Maya to be a peaceful civilization, but recent discoveries prove just the opposite. How and why did this lost civilization ...
Ten Facts About the Ancient Maya - Latin American History
The Ancient Maya civilization flourished in the steamy jungles of present-day southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. The Ancient Maya Classic age – the peak ...
Ruins of the Maya Civilization - About Archaeology
This walking tour of the Classic Maya town of Edzna introduces you to the site itself, its role in the Maya civilization, and some information about the buildings ...
Economics and Agriculture of the Mayan Civilization
The Mayan civilization had an extensive economic system based on trade and agriculture. Here are some details of that system.
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