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Maya Civilization Guide - About Archaeology
The Maya Civilization refers to several independent, loosely affiliated city states who shared a cultural heritage beginning about 2500 years ago.
Maya Civilization - About Archaeology
Archaeological sites and studies of the ancient Maya civilizations of Central America.
Mayan Civilization City of Copan, Honduras - About Archaeology
Over a century of archaeological research at Copán has resulted in a vast wealth of information about the Maya of Honduras.
Ancient Maya Civilization Classic Era - Latin American History
The Maya culture began sometime around 1800 B.C. and in a sense it has not ended: there are thousands of men and women in the Maya region still practicing  ...
What Happened to the Ancient Maya? (End of the Empire)
It's one of history's greatest mysteries: an advanced civilization in the foggy rainforests of Central America suddenly went into a steep, irreversible decline.
Politics and the Political System of the Ancient Maya
The Maya civilization flourished in the rainy forests of southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, reaching their apex around 700-900 A.D. before falling into a swift ...
Ten Facts About the Ancient Maya - Latin American History
The Ancient Maya are among the most mysterious of all the lost civilizations. What do we know for certain about these enigmatic people?
The Ancient Maya - War and Warfare - Latin American History
Early researchers believed the ancient Maya to be a peaceful civilization, but recent discoveries prove just the opposite. How and why did this lost civilization ...
Timeline of the Ancient Maya - Latin American History - About.com
The Maya civilization peaked around 800 A.D., but it had been around for a long time before that...and is still there today! Learn more about the different eras of ...
Mayan Civilization and Culture - History and Overview - Mexico Travel
The Maya occupied a vast area covering southeast Mexico and the Central American countries of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Mayan culture ...
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