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Neolithic - About.com Guide to the Neolithic - About Archaeology
The Neolithic period, broadly defined, is when human beings began to produce their own food--growing plants and tending animals.
Neolithic Revolution - About Archaeology
The Neolithic period is when humans first learned to tend plants and animals and eventually domesticate crops and animals. This page links to resources about ...
Neolithic Sites in China - Chinese Neolithic - About Archaeology
The archaeological site of Banpo is a Neolithic village and cemetery on the Wei River in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. Banpo belongs to the early Yangshao ...
Neolithic Art - The New Stone Age - ca 8000-3000 BC - Art History
After the rather ho-hum art of the Mesolithic era, art in the Neolithic (literally: "new stone") age represents a spree of hellzapoppin' innovation. Humans were ...
Neolithic Period - Definition - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Neolithic Period is part of the late Stone Age. It preceded the Bronze Age and followed the Paleolithic period, which was also in the Stone Age. During the  ...
Neolithic Sites in Europe - European Neolithic - About Archaeology
European sites with important Neolithic components are detailed in this list.
Eastern North American Neolithic - Neolithic in Eastern North America
Eastern North America was one of several starting points for agriculture in the American continents.
Pre-Pottery Neolithic - About Archaeology
The Pre-Pottery Neolithic (abbreviated PPN) is the name given to the people who domesticated the earliest plants and lived in farming communities in the ...
Neolithic Site of Mehrgarh in Pakistan - About Archaeology
Mehrgarh is a Neolithic (7000-3200 BC) site on the Kachi plain of Baluchistan, Pakistan, and one of the earliest sites with evidence of farming (wheat and barley ) ...
Neolithic Sites in West Asia - Western Asia Neolithic
The Neolithic heartland--where the first plants and animals were domesticated-- lies in western Asia. Here are a handful of important sites in the region.
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