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Plant Domestication - Table of Dates and Places - About Archaeology
A collection of plant histories, when and where humans domesticated them, with a table of dates and places and links to the stories themselves.
Domestications of Animals and Plants - About Archaeology
Domestication means altering the behaviors, size and genetics of animals and plants. This page includes information about the history of plant and animal ...
Plant Domestication Histories - About Archaeology
A handful of plants were first domesticated by humans at least 12000 years ago.
Animal Domestication Dates and Places Table - About Archaeology
Domestication is the process of genetically adapting an animal or plant to better suit the needs of human beings; this page includes a definition of domestication ...
Wheat Domestication - the Origins of Wheat - About Archaeology
Wheat is a grain crop with some 25,000 diffrent cultivars in the world today: most of these forms are varieties of two groups: common wheat and durum wheat.
The Origins of Rice Domestication in China - About Archaeology
The domestication process was likely a gradual one, lasting between 7000 and 4000 BC. Changes from the original plant are recognized as the location of rice ...
Animal and Plant Domestication Quiz Results [About Archaeology]
Thanks for taking our quiz about plant and animal domestication.
Plant and Animal Domestication Quiz - About Archaeology
A quiz about ancient plant and animal domestication.
The Domestication History of Cotton (Gossypium) - About Archaeology
A cotton plant blooms in a field watered by an underground irrigation system July 27, 2011 near Hermleigh, Texas. A severe drought has caused the majority of ...
Chili Peppers - Domestication of Capsicum - About Archaeology
Evidence for the domestication of chili peppers suggests that it was ... L., and sometimes spelled chile or chilli) is a plant which was domesticated in the ...
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