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Plant Domestication - Table of Dates and Places - About Archaeology
A collection of plant histories, when and where humans domesticated them, with a table of dates and places and links to the stories themselves.
Domestications of Animals and Plants - About Archaeology
Domestication means altering the behaviors, size and genetics of animals and plants. This page includes information about the history of plant and animal ...
Animal Domestication Dates and Places Table - About Archaeology
Domestication is the process of genetically adapting an animal or plant to better suit the needs of human beings; this page includes a definition of domestication ...
Plant Domestication Histories - About Archaeology
A handful of plants were first domesticated by humans at least 12000 years ago.
Domestication History of Fig Trees - About Archaeology
Archaeological and botanical investigations lead researchers to believe that figs were the first plant domesticated in the world.
The Domestication History of Cotton (Gossypium) - About Archaeology
A cotton plant blooms in a field watered by an underground irrigation system July 27, 2011 near Hermleigh, Texas. A severe drought has caused the majority of ...
Wheat Domestication - the Origins of Wheat - About Archaeology
Wheat is a grain crop with some 25,000 diffrent cultivars in the world today: most of these forms are varieties of two groups: common wheat and durum wheat.
Squash (Cucurbita Pepo) Domestication - About Archaeology
Squash (Cucurbita Pepo) is one of the major and earliest plant domesticated in Mesoamerica, along with maize and bean. Earliest archaeological evidence ...
The Origins of Rice Domestication in China - About Archaeology
The domestication process was likely a gradual one, lasting between 7000 and 4000 BC. Changes from the original plant are recognized as the location of rice ...
Maize - History and Domestication of American Corn
Scholars agree that maize was domesticated from the plant teosinte (Zea mays spp. parviglumis) in central America at least as early 9,000 years ago. In the ...
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