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Quipu - Ancient Writing System of the Incas - Archaeology - About.com
The Inca writing system called quipu (also spelled khipu or quipo) is the only known precolumbian writing system in South America—well, perhaps writing ...
South America's Oldest Writing System: Ancient Quipu Found at Caral
Archaeological evidence of quipu recovered from an archaeological site belonging to the ancient civilization of Caral in coastal Peru is nearly as old as ...
Knotty Problems: The Ancient Writing System of the Inca - Archaeology
Quipu from Narrative Threads - Bill Conklin. From Narrative Threads, Jeffrey Quilter and Gary Urton eds.) 2002, University of Texas Press. Used with permission.
Cracking the Khipu Code - Archaeology - About.com
Aug 12, 2005 ... What the Inca had were khipu (sometimes spelled quipu), patterned collections of string, arranged by color (natural and dyed), fiber (cotton and ...
Khipu - The South American Communication System called Khipu
Khipu—also spelled quipu or quipo—are the ancient communication system of South America.
Pictures of Peru - Historical Photos and Sketches
Inca. Quipu knots. Pictures of Peru. Photograph thanks to ClipArt.com. New posts to the South America Travel forums: job/voluntary work sites? Free Volunteer ...
Caral: The Earliest Civilization in the New World - Archaeology
Recent excavations at Caral by Ruth Shady Solis have recovered a quipu, an artifact found at later Incan sites that may be a form of record keeping. See South  ...
The History of Llamas and Alpacas in South America - Archaeology
Historically and in the present, the camelids were all used for meat and fuel, as well as wool for clothing and a source of string for the use in the quipu.
Inca Road System Construction and Lodging
Information was taken along the road either verbally or stored in the Inca writing systems of knotted strings called quipu. In special circumstances, exotic goods ...
Economy, Architecture and Religion of the Inca - Archaeology
Writing system: The Inca apparently kept accounts and perhaps historical information using a quipu, a system of knotted and dyed string; according to the ...
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