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Linear A - Undeciphered Writing System of the Minoans
Invented about 1800 BC, Linear A is Europe's first known syllabary--that is to say, it was a writing system using different symbols to represent syllables rather ...
Quipu - Ancient Writing System of the Incas - About Archaeology
The Inca writing system called quipu (also spelled khipu or quipo) is the only known precolumbian writing system in South America—well, perhaps writing ...
South America's Oldest Writing System: Ancient Quipu Found at Caral
Archaeological evidence of quipu recovered from an archaeological site belonging to the ancient civilization of Caral in coastal Peru is nearly as old as ...
writing system - definition and examples of writing systems
A writing system is a symbolic method for visually recording language.
Japanese Writing Systems - Japanese Language - About.com
After W.W.II, the Japanese government designated 1,945 basic characters as " Joyo Kanji (commonly used kanji)," which is used in textbooks and official writings.
Japanese Writing System - Japanese Language - About.com
With Romaji, one can read Japanese without knowing any Japanese writing system. Although there are several systems of Romaji, the most widely used is a  ...
Hiragana Lessons - Japanese writing systems - Japanese Language
Japanese writing systems. There are 46 hiragana characters for 46 different sounds. Hiragana are used for expressing "grammatical" elements such as particles, ...
Japanese Writing Systems - Japanese alphabets
The Japanese writing system is totally different from English, because it does not use an alphabet. It may be the most difficult part of Japanese to learn, but I think ...
Katakana Lessons - Japanese writing systems - Japanese Language
Katakana Lessons - Katakana is used when writing down foreign names, places, and words of foreign origin.
Kanji Lessons - Japanese writing systems - Japanese Language
Kanji Lessons - Japanese writing systems: kanji lessons kanji characters japanese writing lesson archive writing systems.
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