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Linear A - Undeciphered Writing System of the Minoans
Invented about 1800 BC, Linear A is Europe's first known syllabary--that is to say, it was a writing system using different symbols to represent syllables rather ...
Quipu - Ancient Writing System of the Incas - About Archaeology
The Inca writing system called quipu (also spelled khipu or quipo) is the only known precolumbian writing system in South America—well, perhaps writing ...
Ancient Writing of Egypt - Egyptian Writing Systems
Hieroglyphic writings from Egypt are some of oldest of our ancient writing; but they are not the only nor the most interesting of the ancient writing forms out of the ...
writing system - definition and examples of writing systems
A writing system is a symbolic method for visually recording language.
Japanese Writing Systems - Japanese Language - About.com
After W.W.II, the Japanese government designated 1,945 basic characters as " Joyo Kanji (commonly used kanji)," which is used in textbooks and official writings.
Japanese Writing System - Japanese Language - About.com
With Romaji, one can read Japanese without knowing any Japanese writing system. Although there are several systems of Romaji, the most widely used is a  ...
Japanese Writing Systems - Japanese alphabets
The Japanese writing system is totally different from English, because it does not use an alphabet. It may be the most difficult part of Japanese to learn, but I think ...
Hiragana Lessons - Japanese writing systems - Japanese Language
Japanese writing systems. There are 46 hiragana characters for 46 different sounds. Hiragana are used for expressing "grammatical" elements such as particles, ...
Kanji Lessons - Japanese Writing Systems - Japanese Language
Kanji Lessons - Japanese Writing Systems, Learn about on-reading and kun- reading.
Katakana Lessons - Japanese writing systems - Japanese Language
Katakana Lessons - Katakana is used when writing down foreign names, places, and words of foreign origin.
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