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Culture History of Africa

Cultural history and archaeological studies from the continent and countries of Africa.
  1. African Culture History (21)
  2. Algeria (13)
  3. Angola (3)
  4. Archaeology Digs in Africa
  5. Benin (7)
  6. Botswana (8)
  7. Burkina Faso (4)
  8. Cameroon (5)
  9. Cape Verde (3)
  10. Central African Republic (3)
  11. Comoros (2)
  12. Congo (2)
  13. Cote d'Ivoire (4)
  14. Democratic Republic Congo (4)
  15. Egypt (28)
  16. Ethiopia (17)
  17. Gabon (2)
  18. Gambia (2)
  19. Ghana (7)
  20. History of Djibouti
  21. Kenya (13)
  22. Libya (4)
  23. Madagascar (4)
  24. Mali (11)
  25. Mauritania (5)
  26. Nigeria (10)
  27. South Africa (34)
  28. Sudan (15)
  29. Tanzania (9)
  30. Tunisia (4)
  31. Zimbabwe (6)

Ancient Life in the Western Sahara Desert
Excavations at the site of Gobero in the Tenere Desert in West African Niger have provided scholars with a look into the climatic changes of the vast Sahara Desert.

Afar Triangle
The Afar Triangle is the name given to the region of Ethiopia known for the identification of very old hominid remains, especially the Australopithecus afarensis.

Africa South of the Sahara
From North Park University, a collection of articles linked to a timeline on culture history of the sub-saharan part of the continent.

African Archaeology Virtual Library
Bernard Clist's extensive collection of websites and information on the archaeology of Africa began in 1995 under Allen Lutins and has grown into an amazing resource.

African Archaeology
David W. Phillipson. 2005. African Archaeology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. This is a great introductory text to the culture history, starting with the oldest human and hominid sites in the world.

African Diaspora Archaeology Network
From Christopher Fennel at the University of Chicago, a website dedicated to the archaeology and cultural history of the migration of peoples from out of Africa.

Akan Culture
The culture history of the Akan, a West African forest kingdom located in what is now Ghana and the Ivory Coast during the 11th century AD.

Aspects of African Archaeology
Gilbert Pwiti and Robert Soper (eds). 1996. Aspects of African Archaeology. University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare. Another great book, includes chapters on the various cultural groups.

Bigo Bya Mugenyi (Uganda)
Bigo Bya Mugenyi is a late Iron Age settlement in Uganda, the capital of the Kitara or Chwezi Dynasty

Books on the Archaeology of Africa
Only a handful of recent books on archaeology of the African countries have reached my doorstep to date; luckily, what there is is choice.

Butabu: West African Adobe Buildings
Butabu: West African Adobe Buildings

Digging through Darkness
Archaeologist Carmel Schrire describes and defines her career and experiences excavating in colonial period site near Cape Town, and includes a collection of uncomfortable stories.

Encyclopedia of the Orient
A comprehensive, politically neutral encyclopedia on the cultural history of North Africa and the mideast, edited by Norwegian Tore Kjeilin, at the Centre d'Information Arabe Scandinave.

Explore the Wonders
From the American Public Broadcasting Service, a website with lots of information about African culture history. Well worth spending some time on.

Great Rift Valley
The Great Rift Valley is an enormous geological split in the crust of the earth.

Grottes des Pigeons (Morocco)
The Grottes des Pigeons is a Middle Paleolithic rockshelter located in eastern Morocco

Musée d'ethnographie Neuchâtel
The Ethnographic Museum of Neuchâtel holds a large collection of African art, some of which is presented in this web site.

Ntusi (Uganda)
The site of Ntusi in Uganda is a late Iron Age site, occupied between the 10th and 14th centuries AD.

Opone (Somalia)
The ancient trade center of Opone on the east coast of Africa was mentioned in Egyptian records about 40 AD, and is probably the archaeological site of Ras Hafun, Somalia.

Portals to the World: Djibouti
Portals to the World is the US Library of Congress's access point to the CIA database; this page is on Djibouti.

Royal Museum for Central Africa
The Royal Museum in the Netherlands holds archaeological collections and photographs of the excavations undertaken by the museum in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Libya, Cameroon and Gabon. Some photos have been digitized.

Scientists Delight in Ancient Skull Find
BBC story on Brunet's discovery of the Australopithecus skull called Toumai in the Djunab Desert.

Stone Circles of West Africa
Images and some discussion of these monumental structures of Gambia and Senegal.

The Berbers: the people of North Africa
This book by Michael Brett and Elizabeth Fentress melds archaeology and history to provide a terrific introduction to the culture history of the Berbers.

The History of Nubia
From Numibia.net, a comprehensive of the history of Nubia, including a considerable inclusion of recent archaeological data.

The Prehistory of Central North Africa
One of several short summaries on countries throughout the world, from the US Library of Congress.

The Rift Valley
The Rift Valley of eastern Africa and Asia is an enormous geological split in the crust of the earth, and home to the earliest hominid sites in the world.

Toumai (Djurab Desert)
From Science in Africa, a report on the Toumai hominid, found by Michel Brunet.

Uraha (Malawi)
The paleontological site of Uraha is located in Malawi, east Africa, and was discovered in the early 1990s by the German archaeologist Friedemann Schrenk.

The Rise and Fall of Swahili States
Between the 11th and 16th centuries AD, a truly cosmopolitan civilization rose and fell on the eastern coast of Africa. Chapurukha Kusimba begins his 1999 book, The Rise and Fall of Swahili States, with an exotic gift, a live giraffe sent to the Emperor of China in 1414 AD by the Bengal state from the city of Malindi on the Swahili Coast.

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