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Albania Archaeology

Archaeological sites, researchers, universities, cultural history and other resources of Albania.

Albania Archaeology in Photos
A photo essay featuring some of the archaeological and architectural gems located in the modern country of Albania.

Butrint Photos
From Galen Frysinger, a collection of photographs from the city of Butrint.

Butrint (Albania)
The World Heritage site of Butrint, located in southwest Albania on the Mediterranean Sea, is a unique blend of Greek and Roman and Byzantine and Venetian architecture, a result of its long and checkered history.

A travelogue of the ancient Corinthian, Roman, and Byzantine city and seaport in western Albania, by enthusiastic traveler Galen R Frysinger.

A newsletter from the Frosina Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to being a source of information to Albanians and Albanian immigrants around the world. Includes news and a collection of articles on Albania. English.

Geography of Albania
Maps and political information about the modern day country of Albania, from your guide to Geography, Matt Rosenberg.

Greek Temple at Apollonia
News report from the University of Chicago about the identification of a previously unknown Greek temple at Apollonia.

In the Footsteps of Aeneas: Five Years at Butrint
Richard Hodges' article in Archaeology magazine on archaeological investigations in the Byzantine, Roman, and Greek portions of Butrint.

Konispol Cave
The Konispol Cave (known locally as Shpella e Kërçmoit) is a large solution cavity in a maquis-covered karstic limestone landscape. A report of investigations from University of Texas at Austin.

Shala Valley Project
The Shala Valley Project (SVP) is an interdisciplinary research program led by Michael L. Galaty, and based in the Shala River valley of the Dukagjin region of the northern Albanian high mountains.

The Butrint Foundation
The Butrint Foundation is a charitable trust, intended to restore and preserve the Butrint site in southern Albania for the benefit of the general public. Their website has a nice history of the city.

Under Albanian Soil
An article in Archaeology magazine online summarizing the sites in Albania, by Diana Michelle Fox.

École Française d'Athènes
Excavations in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, and Russia. In French.

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