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Principal Investigator



Conducts archaeological research for cultural resource management company.

Alternate Titles:

Project Archaeologist, Supervising Archaeologist, PI


Writes proposals, prepares budgets, schedules projects, hires crew; supervises archaeological survey and/or excavations; supervises the laboratory processing and analysis; prepares as sole or co-author technical reports.


Cultural resource management firms exist in many countries.

Job Type:

Full time, permanent positions; usually comes with benefits and some kind of retirement plan. In special cases, a PI will be hired for a specific project.

Availability of Employment::

Generally robust, although at the present time (June 2004) the market in the US is depressed because transportation projects have been put on hold for over two years. Eventually, this will subside.

Education Level Required:

An advanced degree in anthropology or archaeology is required, generally supervisory experience (at the Field Supervisor) level is also required for beginning PI position.

Experience Tells:

Alice is a principal investigator at a cultural resource firm in the midwestern United States. She writes about it in My life as a CRM PI.

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