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Ancient Weapons - Archaeology of Ancient Weaponry

Ancient weapons, the original arms race, were developed long before the discovery of metal (we could always bash one another over the head with a rock). Information about ancient swords and other weapons of destruction are found here.

Damascus Steel - Sword Makers of the Islamic Civilization
Damascus steel, the legendary steel blade scimitar of the Islamic side in the Crusades, was a formidable piece of weaponry for the middle ages. Modern science has given us new insights into how this iron metal was forged, and why this useful technology became lost.

Nanoscale Precipitation in Genuine Wootz Steel Blades
What made the legendary Damascus steel of Islamic craftsmen so extraordinary? Some researchers (Paufler et al.) believe it was the creation of nanowires: but in this rebuttal, Madeleine Durand-Charre provides a second opinion

Identifying Mechanical Structures in Damascus Sabers
Does the ancient Islamic technology of creating Damascene sabers involve the creation of carbon nanotubes? Peter Paufler discusses the implications of Madeleine Durand Charre's comments

Story of the Japanese Sword
A translated version of an article which first appeared in the journal of the The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, this article is a step by step description of ancient Japanese sword making.

The Damascene Technique of Sword Making
From materials scientist Helmut Föll, an extremely interesting and detailed look at Damacus steel sword making.

The Key Role of Impurities in Damascus Blades
An article in JOM describes what impurities may have played a role in the development of Damascus blades.

Viking Sword Making
A website for a video available on DVD includes photographs and a bit of discussion on the construction of the Viking broadsword.

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