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House of the Faun at Pompeii


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Little Peristyle and Tuscan Atrium ca. 1900
Peristyle Garden, House of the Faun, Giorgio Sommer Photograph

Peristyle Garden, House of the Faun, Giorgio Sommer Photograph

Giorgio Sommer

One major concern at Pompeii is that by excavation and revealing the building ruins, we've exposed them to the destructive forces of nature. Just to illustrate how the house has changed in the last century, this is a photograph of essentially the same location as the previous one, taken about 1900 by Giorgio Sommer.

It might seem a bit odd to complain about the damaging effects of rain, wind and tourists on the ruins of Pompeii, but the volcanic eruption which dropped a heavy ashfall killing many of the residents, preserved the houses for us for some 1,750 years.


For more on the archaeology of Pompeii, see Pompeii: Buried in Ashes.

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