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Top Ten Archaeology News Stories of the Decade


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PreClovis and Peopling the Americas
Tent Foundation, Monte Verde II

View of the excavated log foundation of a long residential tent-like structure at Monte Verde II where seaweeds were recovered from hearths, pits and a floor.

Image courtesy of Tom D. Dillehay

The past decade has also provided much more data concerning the earliest human populations of the Americas. In addition to the discovery of important sites such as Paisley Caves in Oregon, Daisy Cave off the coast of California, and the Yana Rhinoceros Horn site in northeastern Siberia, new studies into the Bering Strait and along the west coast of North America have led to exciting new theories such as the Pacific Coast Migration model.

Why Nominate Peopling America?

The battle over whether "preclovis" is a reality has been a bitter one, lasting some thirty years—since the radiocarbon dates of Meadowcroft Rockshelter came to the attention of scholars in the 1980s. A wealth of new theories have arisen to try to fill in the gaps, and although some of the bitterness lingers, the recent evidence has gone a long way towards resolving this discussion.

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