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Artifact Reproductions

Artifacts are something collected the world over; and everybody understandings the pull of owning a little piece of ancient history. Owning an authentic artifact is not ethical, as it almost certainly represents the results of the illicit destruction of an archaeological site. But owning a reproduction! Well, that's a different story.

On this page you'll find a collection of firms that advertise on the Internet selling artifact reproductions. The presence of any company on this list does not constitute a personal endorsement from me, so, buyer beware!

Antiqua Excelsa
Antiqua Excelsa is a Spanish firm that offers a range of artifact reproductions and artifacts inspired by the originals, with special emphasis on the cultures of the Mediterranean region.

Arms and Armor
A Minneapolis firm that makes reproductions of arms and weaponry from around the world and throughout time. Lots of swords of all kinds.

Best Large Museum Shops
Large museums--by which I mean national museums--are normally dedicated to a range of materials, of which archaeology is only a small part. As a result, their collections are also large and varied; and their museum gift shops the same. While each of these museums have gift catalogs in addition to their online shops, they also have a lot of the...

Bone Clones
Bone Clones sells reproductions of human, animal, and human ancestral skeletal material. Better Business Bureau rates this company CCC (Good)

Buying Antique Reproductions - Some Tips
Antique reproductions are an ethical way to own a piece of the past. Here are some tips to use before buying a reproduction.

JBL Statues
JBL Statues (Jai Bhagavan Ltd.) makes statues and other artifact reproductions of an odd array of cultures, from the Gundestrup cauldron to the Venus of Willendorf. Sold through Sacred Source.

Lithic Casting Lab
Reproductions of Stone Age artifacts from North American Paleonindian sites, often with a detailed description of the site from whence the original came. These repros are actually cast from the original artifact.

Museum Replicas - The Best Archaeological Site Online Museum Shops
Many archaeological sites around the world have on-site museums, with gift shops that support the archaeological research. These shops have the potential to be the best source for authentic reproductions, because the museums often have specialist archaeologists on staff who can do quality control on the artifact reproductions.

Museum Replicas- The Best Small Museum Shops
Small museums are an excellent place to find authentic reproductions; money spent in the shop usually goes to support the museum collections, and the goods are often produced by local artisans.

NOVICA Pre-Hispanic Replicas (Mexico)
Novica has a number of prehispanic replicas in their online store. Associated with National Geographic.

Prairie Edge
The American company Prairie Edge located in the Black Hills sells artifact reproductions, art and clothing made by Native American people of the central plains states.

Skullduggery is a California company that creates reproductions of fossil human and animal skulls. Better Business Bureau rating BB (high rating)

Skulls Unlimited
Skulls Unlimited creates replicas of animals, but also sells the real skeletal material from non-threatened animal species.

Terra Cotta Warriors.com
This company sells reproductions of the best known examples of Emperor Qin's terra cotta soldiers.

The Artifact Museum Store
A wide range of artifact reproductions from an Australopithecus afarensis skull to art deco reproductions, as well as derivative jewelry, posters, lithographics, and other materials.

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