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Asian Culture and Civilization

Culture history and archaeology of many of the ancient civilizations that make up the modern countries of Asia.
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Afanasievo culture
The Afanasievo culture is an Eneolithic (the period between the Neolithic and Bronze ages) Asian culture of southern Siberia.

The Ainu are modern hunter-fisher-gatherer Asian culture group located in the Hokkaido region of northeastern Japan.

Angkor Civilization
The Angkor Civilization (or Khmer Civilization) is the name given to an important historic Asian culture of Cambodia and Thailand.

Champa Kingdom
The Champa Kingdom was an important Asian culture, located along the coastal plains of southern and central Vietnam, between about AD 192 and 1832.

Chengbeixi Culture
Chengbeixi culture is the name given to an early developmental Neolithic paddy rice agriculture village Asian culture in the Yangtze River of China, between about 7000-5000 BC.

Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire were a huge influence on Asian culture and ruled much of the middle and near east beginning in the 15th century AD and continuing into the 20th century.

Paekche Kingdom
Paekche is one of three competing kingdoms of the Han dynasty in Korea, and an important Asian culture.

Phu Lon Complex
The Asian culture called Phu Lon complex is a copper mining and smelting Bronze Age culture on the Mekong River about 1500 BC.

Phung Nguyen Complex
The Asian culture Phung Nguyen Complex were Bronze Age people of the Phung Nguyen culture of Vietnam were wet rice farmers, who lived in sedentary villages on the Red River valley.

Qijia Culture
The Qijia Culture is an Asian culture which lasted from the Neolithic through Bronze Age in Mongolia [ca 2050-1700 BC], particularly the upper Wei River Valley in China.

Qinglian'gang Culture
The Asian culture called Qinglian'gang [5300-5800 BP] were people of the early Neolithic period on the lower Yangtse River of central China

Sa Huynh Culture
The Sa Huynh Culture is the name given to an urnfield (jar burials) culture on the coastal plains of central and south Vietnam

Shilla was an early Buddhist state in what is now North and South Korea, between 57 BC and AD 935.

Soan Valley Tradition
The archaeological sites in the Siwalik region of Pakistan and India called the Soan Valley Tradition date to the Lower Paleolithic (circa 500,000-125,000 years ago), and are roughly equivalent to the Acheulian period.

Son Vi Culture
The Son Vi culture is the name given to the Upper Paleolithic lithic tradition of highland Vietnam.

The Indus Civilization
The Indus Civilization is a book by Gregory L. Possehl, published by Altamira Press, containing in-depth information about the history and prehistory of the ancient culture of the Indus and Sarasvati Rivers of Pakistan and India.

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