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Associations and Clubs in Archaeology

Archaeological clubs and societies, both professional and avocational, help the archaeologist stay on top of current events, discuss things with their colleagues, and promote the value of archaeology to the general public.
  1. Avocational Societies (6)
  2. Directory of Archaeology (9)
  3. Professional Groups (15)
  4. Related Groups (7)

National Association of State Archaeologists
A directory of the State Archaeologists offices in the United States, again not very flashy, but with direct access to offices in each of the American states and territories.

U.S. State Historical Societies and State Archives Directory
Contact information for state archives and historical societies as of August, 2008 (from the US National Archives)

The Archaeological Conservancy
The Archaeological Conservancy works hard to save our quickly disappearing archaeological sites by buying them and keeping them under their protection.

Archaeological Institute of America
The AIA has a public outreach program, specializing in resources for teachers.

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