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Australia Archaeology, by State

Archaeological sites, cultural resources and researchers for each of the states of Australia.
  1. ACT (2)
  2. Arnhem Land (1)
  3. New South Wales (7)
  4. Northern Territory (2)
  5. Queensland (1)
  6. South Australia (3)
  7. Tasmania (3)
  8. Victoria (4)
  9. Western Australia (3)

Australian Settlement
Mitochondrial data reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2007, supports the somewhat still controversial Australian colonization as having occurred at about 50,000 bp.

Strangways Springs Sheep Station - Archaeology in Australia
Excavations at the sheep station in central Australia called Strangways Springs reveal the complexity of the relationship between European and Aboriginal inhabitants of the deserts and dunefields.

Prehistory of Australia
John Mulvaney and Johan Kamminga. 1999. Prehistory of Australia. Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.

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