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Central American Civilizations and Cultures

Central America, that part of the Americas below the United States and above South America, has a wealth of interesting cultures, including the Aztec, Olmec, Maya, Toltec, Zapotec, and Maya civilizations.
  1. Aztec Civilization
  2. Maya Civilization
  3. Olmec Civilization
  4. Writing Systems

Aztec Civilization
The Aztec civilization is the collective name given to seven Chichimec tribes of northern Mexico

Maya Civilization and Timeline
The Maya Civilization occupied much of the central North American continent between 2500 BC and AD 1500.

Mixtec Culture
Mixtec Culture refers, in general terms, to the people who lived in the Mixteca Alta region of what is now Oaxaca state in Mexico during the Classic (300 AD-800 AD) and Post-Classic (800 AD to the Spanish conquest) periods.

Olmec Civilization
The Olmec civilization is the name given to a sophisticated central American culture between 1200 and 400 BC.

Tepanec Empire
The Tepanec Empire was based at the city state of Azcapotzalco when war with their Aztec neighbors to the north broke out in AD 1428.

Toltec Civilization
The Toltec Civilization was one of three great empires of the Basin of Mexico, after the fall of Teotihuacan and before the rise of the Aztecs.

Totonac Culture
The Totanac Culture was a rival city state to the Aztecs, who had ruled most of what is now Veracruz in Mexico.

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