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Lamanai - Lakeside Center of Belize

Archaeology of the Central American Country of Belize


Lamanai, Maya ruins of Belize

Lamanai, Maya ruins of Belize

Darcy McCarty (c) 2006
Lamanai ("Submerged Crocodile") is a Maya site located in Orange Walk, Belize. Occupied continuously between about 1500 BC and AD 1650, Lamanai is characterized by plaza groups with temples reaching to heights of 33 meters, arranged along the lake shore. One of the carved monuments is dedicated to Smoking Shell, a ruler of the 7th century AD.

Source: David M. Pendergast. 2001. Lamanai (Orange Walk, Belize). In Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America, edited by Susan Toby Evans and David L. Webster. Garland: New York.

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