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Biographies of Archaeologists and Related Scientists

Archaeologists come from all walks of life and make all kinds of career choices. These are mini-biographies of some of the archaeologists throughout history who have contributed significantly to the profession.
  1. Ancient Writers
  2. Archaeologists A-C (51)
  3. Archaeologists D-F (19)
  4. Archaeologists G-J (27)
  5. Archaeologists K-L (27)
  6. Archaeologists M-N (36)
  7. Archaeologists O-Q (45)
  8. Archaeologists R (31)
  9. Archaeologists S (62)
  10. Archaeologists T (24)
  11. Archaeologists U-V (15)
  12. Archaeologists W (34)
  13. Archaeologists of the Past (29)
  14. Biography Book Reviews
  15. Modern Scholars (20)
  16. Women (45)

The Future of Archaeology
From your guide, an interview with 10 year old budding archaeologist Amy Marquardt.

The Life and Adventures of Adolph Bandelier
Archaeologist Adolph Bandelier's life was rich, fraught with disaster and success. The biography "Life and Adventures of Adolph Bandelier" feeds our appetites for a glimpse into his journals.

Top Biographies in Archaeology
I love a good biography, and fortunately there have been several good biographies of archaeologists in the last few years. Also in this class of book are lumped histories of archaeology.

Egyptologists - Tour Egypt
The terrific Tour Egypt site has compiled brief biographical sketches of many of the important Egyptologists throughout the history of the science.

Breaking Ground: Women in Old World Archaeology
From Martha Sharp Joukowsky and Barbara Lesko, Brown University, a project of new biographies of women archaeologists working in the old world.

Celebrating Women Anthropologists
The University of South Florida has collected 31 biographies of prominent women anthropologists, including some archaeologists, one for each day of Women's History Month (March).

National Academies of Science Membership: Anthropologists
While not every member has a biographical sketch listed on the NAS membership, many do, particularly those members of the past. This list includes scientists of most fields, not just archaeology.

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