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Archaeology Blogs

Blogs or weblogs are places where people maintain a personal or news reporting web page; here are some of the best English-language archaeology blogs covering news and commentary around the world.
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Archaeology Travel Blog
Thomas Dowson's blog combines travel tips and ideas for the archaeological traveler with long postings about archaeological sites in western Europe.

Martin Rundkvist's blog (formerly known as Salto Sobrius) on archaeology, skepticism, Sweden, and books and stuff.

Adventures in archaeology, human palaeoecology and the internet…
Matthew Law is a freelance archaeological and palaeoecological consultant who blogs on archaeology subjects of interest.

Adventures with Yo and Mo
Yo and Mo are archaeologists based in Toronto and Amman, Jordan, and they frequently post on archaeological sites and related stuff.

Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives
Archaeologist Rosemary Joyce's new blog called Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives is to help people who are teaching the archaeology of sex and gender.

This blog is in support of an anthropology portal, including bulletin boards and a wiki in addition to the blog, which includes information discussions of linguistic, physical and social anthropology news and issues.

ArchaeoBlog (Anthony Cagle)
From Seattle-based archaeologist and data/systems analyst Anthony Cagle, a weblog since 2001, commenting on archaeology in the news.

Archaeology Blogs as News Sources
The pros and cons of using archaeology blogs as sources for news.

Archaeology in Southeast Asia
News and feature articles on issues in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc.)

Archaeology Magazine Blog - Beyond Stone and Bone
Heather Pringle's weekly blog for Archaeology magazine

Archaeology News Sources
The pros and cons of different kinds of sources of archaeology news: magazines, academic journals, weblogs, electronic newsletters, electronic discussion lists and more.

Blog from a current graduate student in anthropology "archaeologyknits".

A group blog for the working archaeologist, hosted by that inventive pioneer of electronic archaeology, Anita Cohen-Williams.

Arranged Delirium
An educator, technologist, and archaeologist, Dr. Samuel Fee uses his website to explore all kinds of interesting things, including some very fine photography.

Balter's Blog
Science writer and journalism professor Michael Balter posts on archaeology and writing in general.

Blogging for Archaeology Outreach: The Tell es-Safi Blog
The Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project website, called Official and Unofficial, is an innovative use of the weblog for public outreach.

Art Historian David Nishimura is a collector of ancient writing instruments, which makes him oddly perfect for an archaeology-oriented web log.

Debitage (Stentor Danielson)
Clark University graduate student Stentor Danielson discusses his view of archaeology from a cultural geography and environmental standpoint.

Dienekes Blog
The anonymous blogger calling him/herself Dienekes after the Spartan warrior at the Battle of Thermopylae (I assume) posts recent research in many aspects of archaeology.

Dig Girl
Dig Girl describes herself as "Just a regular-excavating, mole-slaying, beer-drinking shovelbum", and she posts accordingly.

Archaeologist Terry Brock blogs on slavery, digital media, and excavating at Historic St. Mary’s City in Southern Maryland

Doug's Archaeology
Archaeologist Doug Rocks-Macqueen blogs about the quality of the profession (pay, working conditions, career prospects), open access, agent-based modeling, GIS, site predictive models and other things.

Egyptology Blog
Mark Morgan's weblog concentrates on news in the world of Egyptology and ongoing research.

Electric Archaeology
Archaeologist Shawn Graham blogs on digital media for teaching, learning, and research in history and archaeology; other parts contain Netlogo agent based simulations of various aspects of Roman history and archaeology, and experiments in historical scenario-building for commercial games.

Elfshot: Sticks and Stones
Blog by Tim Rast on flintknapping and issues of high arctic archaeology.

A blog from Brian Fagan, one of the premier writers of archaeological books for the public.

Fernbank Expedition Journal: Archaeologist’s Report
Blog for the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, presently conducting a fieldschool.

GIS for Archaeology and CRM
A blog by Matt from Philadelphia, covering GIS/Geo Spatial/Spatial Tech ideas, including struggles with the ESRI software.

Human Rights Archaeology
From archaeologist Sam Hardy, an archaeoblog "to allow the public to access, contribute to, question and criticise his research" on the ethics of collectors and looting.

Looting matters
David Gill's blog on repatriation, archaeological looting and the antiquities trade.

Marja-Leena Rathje
A Finnish artist and print-maker, Marja-Leena Rathje often comments on news stories about rock art and other items at the art/archaeology interface.

Middle Savagery
Colleen Morgan's blog on her post-graduate work at Berkeley and excavation experiences.

Mirabilis.ca : Archaeology
Archaeology and history news and commentary from a Canadian afficionada of many many things.

New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World
University of North Dakota at Grand Forks History professor Bill Carrerher blogs on archaeological method and Late Roman and Byzantine history, ecclesiastical architecture, Hellenistic fortifications, and settlement archaeology in Greece and Cyprus.

Old Dirt - New Thoughts
From Brian Hoffman at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

PaleoBerkay Archaeology FAQ
Berkay Dinçer's English language blog on Turkish archaeology isn't often updated, although the Turkish language version is.

Passim in Passing
Archaeologist Brenna Walks occasionally blogs on Egyptian archaeology, digital media and other issues of interest.

Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan
Paul K. Manansala's blog focuses on news items and information related to the Nusantao maritime trading network of Austronesia.

Random Acts of Science
A blog on CRM archaeology by CRM archaeologist Chris Webster. "I'm a member of the Reno Skeptics and really enjoy talking to people about critical thinking and rational thought."

Remote Central
Tim Jones in the UK covers archaeology and related news stories with a literary and thoughtful writing style.

Rogue Classicism
The blog for the Atrium website by David Meadows, primarily news-oriented, but also has RSS feeds on several related blogs.

Safe Corner
Group blog for the Saving Antiquities for Everyone project.

Savage Minds
Savage Minds is primarily an anthropology blog, with a panel of bloggers who are anthropologists. But the stuff is always high quality, and often intersects with archaeology.

The Distant Mirror
Kevin Cullen's blog from Milwaukee at Discovery World covers a wide variety of interesting and unusual topics in archaeology.

We Were Modern
Archaeologist Dan Hicks shares his published work and news on We Were Modern.

What is an Archaeology Blog?
The hottest new archaeological news source is weblogs, and with blog readers becoming simpler to set up, this may be the cheapest and fastest way to get the latest.

Where in the hell am I?
Contract archaeologist JLowe reports from the field and around its edges.

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