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Books on Egyptology

A collection of books reviewed by your guide on Egypt and Egyptology.

Ancient Egyptian Literature
John Foster's translation of Ancient Egyptian Literature is a collection of fresh, funny, poignant and surprisingly lively poetry from ancient Egypt.

The Book of the Pharaohs
The Book of Pharaohs is an encyclopedia of who was who in ancient Egypt by Pascal Vernus and Jean Yoyotte and translated from the French by David Lorton.

Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra
Michel Chauveau's book Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra is a fascinating glimpse into the cultural mixing of two great civilizations, Egypt and Greece.

Egypt's Legacy
Egypt's Legacy: The archetypes of Western civilization 3000-30 B.C. is Michael Rice's Jungian analysis of the rise of Egyptian society from 3000 BC to 30 BC.

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt
Subtitled "Scenes from private tombs in New Kingdom Thebes," this fabulously illustrated book describes and provides photographs of the New Kingdom tombs of ordinary people, including Rekhmire's tomb, which illustrates the best evidence for trade between Egypt and Crete found to date. Translated from the German.

The Mummy Congress
Journalist and science writer Heather Pringle provides a comprehensive introduction to the current archaeological study of mummies, including those of the ancient Nile River civilizations.

Sphinx: History of a Monument
Still serene after 4500 years of reinterpretation, the ancient Egyptian monumental sculpture is the topic of Sphinx: History of a Monument, written by Christiane Zivie-Coche and translated from the French by David Lorton.

The Twilight of Ancient Egypt
This book, translated from Karol Mysliwiec's original German, is on the history of ancient Egypt from the fall of the New Kingdom in 1070 BC to the conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 BC.

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