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Book Reviews of Children's Books

Book reviews of recent books for children on the subject of archaeology are few, but some are quite excellent.

What on Earth Happened?
What on Earth Happened a book review of Christopher Lloyd's book describing the complete story of the planet, life, and people from the big bang to the present day

What on Earth Evolved?
A book review of the encyclopedia for middle school kids, What on Earth Evolved - 100 Species that Changed the World

Jodie's Hanukkah Dig
Jodie's Hanukkah Dig is about a little girl's visit to an archaeological dig, where being small, curious and fearless pays off. For 5-9 year olds, especially (but certainly not exclusively) girls.

Reading the Bones
Reading the Bones is a juvenile novel and an excellent introduction for middle school kids (8-12 years old) to the tough questions about archaeology and cultural resource management.

The World in Ancient Times: Primary Sources and References
The World in Ancient History: Primary Sources and Reference Volume is an excellent introduction for middle school students to the ancient literature of the world's civilizations.

Chaco Canyon
Chaco Canyon, a children's book on the lovely ruins in the New Mexican desert, is part of Oxford University Press's middle school series called Digging for the Past; by R. Gwinn Vivian and Margaret Anderson.

Elena and the Coin
A charming and informative story for elementary school children, Elena and the Coin is about archaeology and Tucson, Arizona's past, written by Laura Orabone with watercolors by Elizabeth Buckman.

Explorers and Settlers of Spanish Texas
An exploration of Colonial period Texas, meant for middle-school students, and consisting of a series of biographical sketches of the important personages; by Donald E. Chipman and Harriett Denise Joseph.

Ancient Greece
From Peter Connolly and Oxford University Press, one of a series of survey books about ancient civilizations, written in clear English for middle school kids through young adults, and chock full of information concerning the lifeways of the ancient Greek people.

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