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Boghazkoy (Turkey)


Yazilikaya Rock Cut chamber, Hattusha

Yazilikaya Rock Cut chamber, Hattusha

Nazli Evrim Serifoglu

Boghazkoy is the site of a major Hittite capital called Hattusas, in what is now Turkey, some 100 kilometers from the Black Sea and 150 miles from Ankara. Occupied between about 1600 and 1200 BC, Boghazkoy is most famous for the recovery of over 10,000 cuneiform tablets.

The site was discovered in 1832 by Charles Texier, and was subjected to detailed drawings and archaeological excavations throughout the 20th century. The most recent excavations have been conducted by the Deutsche Archäologische Institut (DAI), led by Kurt Bittel, Peter Neve, and, most recently, by Jürgen Seeher. The Hattusas website, linked in the side bar, is a detailed report on the site.

If you're intrigued, you can take a walking tour of the ancient city of Hattusha, assembled from photographs taken by Nazli Evrim Serifoglu.


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Also Known As: Hattusas or Hattusha

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