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Byzantine and Ottoman Empires

The Byzantine empire was based in the city of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) between the 4th through 7th centuries AD; and the Ottomans followed between the 13th century through the 1920s.

12 Byzantine Rulers by Lars Brownworth
Guide to European History Robert Wilde reviews the new podcast called "12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of the Byzantine Empire" and finds "the personality driven history series covers a fascinating but often ignored subject with clarity and warmth."

Archaeology of the Ottoman Empire
From Uzi Baram at the New College of Florida, photos and some information about the Ottomans.

Hagia Sophia: Istanbul's Ancient Mystery (Video Review)
A 2015 NOVA video on the 1500-year-old Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, highlights its long cultural and architectural history, as well as preservation efforts.

Byzantine Art
From Rozmeri Basic at the University of Oklahoma, a collection of images of art, including pottery and sculpture, of the Byzantine period. Uses Shockwave.

Byzantium Expeditions
The University of Michigan's Kelsey Museum has the beginnings of a terrific site on Constantinople and sites in Egypt and Syria.

A brief definition of Byzantium, and the the Byzantine empire.

Constantinople (Turkey)
Constantinople is the old name for Istanbul, the great city located in what is now Turkey.

Discover the Ottomans
This site has more information about the Ottoman Empire than you can shake a stick at, including history and important persons in addition to what archaeologists like to call "material culture" and what normal people call "art".

Edirne (Turkey)
The ancient city of Edirne is located in far western Turkey, and is best known for its stunningly beautiful mosques built during the Ottoman Empire.

Hagia Sophia
A computer generated model of one of the most famous buildings in Istanbul.

Mes Bridge (Albania)
The Mes bridge is an Ottoman period structure at Mes, a village a few kilometers north of Shkodra in Albania. Called Ura e Mesit, the bridge was built about 1770 and spans the Kir River.

Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire ruled much of the middle and near east beginning in the 15th century AD and continuing into the 20th century.

Rulers of the Ottoman Empire
A king list of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire, from Robert Wilde, About's guide to European History.

Creating Contantinople
The remarkable city of Istanbul was invented as a Roman capital in the space of a few centuries by a series of emperors who were not afraid to spend money and try something new.

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