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Cameroon Culture History and Archaeology

Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the modern country of Cameroon.

Fulani Caliphate
The Fulani are modern African pastoralists who are Muslim and today live in Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal and Niger.

Scott MacEachern at Aissa Dugjé
Archaeologist Scott MacEachern describes an hour in his life, while excavating at Aissa Dugjé, Cameroon.

Mandara Mountains Homepage
The University of Calgary project, includes loads of information on the various aspects of the ethnography and ethnoarchaeology of the research project in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Nicholas David (U Calgary)
University of Calgary ethnoarchaeologist Nicholas David has an ongoing research project in the Mandara mountains of Cameroon; the website includes a bibliogaphy and links to several videos he has helped produce on iron smelting.

Geography of Cameroon
From Matt Rosenberg, guide to Geography at About, a collection of maps and other geographical data about Cameroon.

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