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Careers in Archaeology

A collection of resources for the jobseeker in archaeology, including some tips on what kind of training it's best to get, where to look for that job, and how to stay alive in the competitive worlds of academic, agency, and cultural resource management archaeology.
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My Job in Archaeology
Nobody working in archaeology today is anything like Indiana Jones. Here are real stories from working archaeologists about their careers

How to Become an Archaeologist
Have you always dreamed of being an archaeologist, but don't know how to become one? To become an archaeologist takes education, reading, training, and persistence. Here's how you can get started exploring that dream job.

An Archaeological Wish List for the New Year
In 1997, I compiled a list of ten items that as a working archaeologist I wanted for the new year. Let's see how we've done.

Why Get an Archaeology Degree?
Some suggestions from the University of York about what kinds of careers an archaeology degree can lead to, including several remarks from former students and 'tasters', little tidbits about the working life.

An Archaeologist's Life: Tony Klesert in the American Southwest
What is an archaeologist's life really like? Tony Klesert, director of the Navajo National Archaeology Department's Cultural Resource Program describes a typical day for a working archaeologist in the American southwest.

Exit Interview: Why People Quit Archaeology
While a career in archaeology as a field technician sounds like an exciting and fulfilling career, the demands it places on one's personal life may not add up to a lifelong career.

Have Trowel Will Travel: The Contact List
Whether you're looking for a job in archaeology or merely thinking about going into graduate school, this page is the starting point for you.

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