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Chile Culture History and Archaeology

Chile culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of Chile.
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Chinchrorro Mummies
The oldest mummies in the world are those of the Chinchorro culture of Chile; this article by Bernardo T. Arriaza, Russell A. Hapke, and Vivien G. Standen in Archaeology considers the 7,000 year old mummies as an art form.

Max Uhle [1856-1944]
German archaeologist and linguist Max Uhle is often said to be the father of Andean archaeology, including work in Chile

San Pedro de Atacama
The archaeological site of San Pedro de Atacama is a Tiwanaku culture outpost, located in a desert oasis some 800 kilometers from the capital of the Tiwanuku empire

Chile Geography
Geography and maps of the South American country of Chile.

Myriam N. Tarragó
Myriam N. Tarragó is an archaeologist from Argentina, best known for her work on colonial societies in Buenos Aires.

Chile Travel Planner
Everything you need to know to plan a trip to Bolivia includes top attractions, accommodations, transportation, tours, maps, geography, articles, features, history, sightseeing and resources to learn about Argentina. Bonnie Hamre is your specialist

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