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Canterbury Cathedral, England

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Canterbury Cathedral, England

Canterbury Cathedral, England

The Canterbury Cathedral is probably among the most famous church edifices in the world, partly because of its famous archbishops including St. Augustine, Thomas Cranmer, and Thomas Becket, the last of which was murdered in it in 1170 AD.

The building site was a Roman church when it was given to St. Augustine by the local King Ethelbert about 600 AD; Augustine had been sent by Pope Gregory to save the Angles. The original building burned or was otherwise destroyed by various parties over the centuries, but much of the standing structure dates to the 12th and 13th centuries. Archaeological investigations conducted by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust have revealed portions of the original Anglo-Saxon structure.


For more on the history of Canterbury Cathedral, see the article Canterbury Cathedral on Melissa Snell's About Medieval and Renaissance History site. For more on the archaeology, see the Canterbury Archaeological Trust's website.
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