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Cai Beo (Vietnam)


Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam


Cai Beo is an archaeological site and the name of the related Hoabinhian period culture in Vietnam. The site of Cai Beo is on Cat Ba Island on Ha Long Bay, and it was occupied by the Neolithic Cai Beo culture occupations dated between 6,475-4,200 years before the present.

Artifacts recovered from Cai Beo indicate the people had a ceramic-producing agricultural economy, with evidence of use of wild boars, deer, wild goats, and fish as well. The site was discovered by French archaeologists J.G. Andexown and M. Colani in the late 1930s, and more recent investigations have been carried out by the National Institute of Archaeology, the National Institute of Historical Museums and the Historical Museum of Hai Phong.


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