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Cuban Culture History and Archaeology

Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the island nation of Cuba.

Guide to Pre-Columbian Cuba
About.com's guide to the archaeology and prehistory of Cuba

Cuba Arqueologica - Inicio
All kinds of information about Cuban Archaeology from the Instituto Cubano de Antropologia. In Spanish.

Levisa Site, Cuba
Levisa is an important prehistoric rock shelter in the Caribbean

Los Buchillones Site, Cuba
The site of Los Buchillones is a waterlogged Taino settlement in northern Cuba.

Loma del Convento
The Loma del Convento Project is a joint project of the Provincial Center of Cultural Patrimony-Cienfuegos and the University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences, and is an early sixteenth-century Spanish contact site.

Los Buchillones
From the Royal Ontario Museum, description of the joint Canadian-Cuban exploration of the first almost perfectly preserved Taino house at an underwater site in Los Buchillones, Cuba, thought to be between 400-700 years old.

Los Buchillones
More on Los Buchillones from Archaeology magazine, an abstract to an article in their September/October 1998 issue.

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