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Cultural Resource Management

Managing archaeological resources in the face of the needs of development.
  1. Section 106 (3)

Avoiding Archaeological Disasters
Avoiding Archaeological Disasters looks to be a useful tool for construction project managers to get a sane handle on what could happen, to get the spadework done before the construction starts, and to be prepared for unavoidable eventualities.

Cultural Resource Management: A Definition
Cultural Resource Management is, essentially, a process by which the protection and management of the multitudinous but scarce elements of cultural heritage are given some consideration in a modern world with an expanding population and changing needs.

Preventing Archaeological Disasters: Darby Stapp and Julia Longenecker
Archaeologists Darby Stapp and Julia Longenecker have worked in the Pacific Northwest for nearly thirty years, and together they have seen several economic, public, and cultural disasters in archaeological projects gone awry. In this contributed article, they provide some recommendations to professional archaeologists on avoiding disasters.

Doing Archaeology: A Cultural Resource Management Perspective
Doing Archaeology is an excellent introduction to what the career of an archaeologist working in the cultural resource management field in the United States is like, in a clear, conversational, understandable, personal voice.

Advisory Council for Historic Preservation
The ACHP website contains many resources of use to CRM professionals.

American Cultural Resources Association
An organization for and about cultural resource managers in the United States.

The organ of the National Park Service, provides Tables of Contents from the first issue.Complete articles are available as .pdf files for downloading.

Doing Archaeology in Minnesota
From the Institute for Minnesota Archaeology, an indepth look at how cultural resource management archaeology works.

Historic Preservation Offices and Programs
From your About.com guide to U.S. Parks, a list of United States office websites.

Historic Preservation Planning
From the National Park Service,information for state wide governments, and in fact anybody else who might want to develop a preservation plan to manage your cultural resources.

Lancaster University Archaeological Services
Building survey, landscape survey, subsurface investigations and desk-based consultancy.

National Preservation Institute
Conducts seminars in historic preservation and cultural resources management, and has a useful group of tools for CRM-ers.

Properties on Private Lands
From the National Park Service, laws, regulation, management, and other strategies to help protect archaeological resources on private lands.

Register of Professional Archeologists
The professional organization of archaeologists in the United States.

Section 106
of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, requires US Federal Agencies to consider the effects of their undertakings on the cultural resources which might be impacted.

US Bureau of Reclamation
Resources for educators and the general public, explaining what Cultural Resource Management is and how it works.

US Forest Service Heritage Program
Volunteer and outreach programs from the United States Forest Service.

Who's my Daddy? Who's my Mommy?
A paper by David Phillips on the origins of private sector archaeology, written using the results of a poll of members of ACRA-L.

Cultural Resource Management
Cultural Resource Management is the term generally used to mean government-sponsored preservation and study of archaeological and historical resources, including archaeological sites, historical buildings.

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