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Archaeology Podcasting

Listening in on the News of the Past


Podcasting is the latest craze on the Internet, and there are a few, and probably soon to be more, examples of archaeology podcasting available today. Basically, podcasting is a radio program, an audio recording of music, conversation and noises. Apple's I-Pod(r) originated as a radio replacement, something to take music along wherever you go; but the latest versions (called I-River) include a recorder as well. A podcast (which surely must be a pun on broadcast) is the recording made by somebody about something, that can be played on an I-Pod or I-River, or, even better for most of us, on a home computer.

Podcasts can be anything you like, and in archaeology, they have so far included news reports, The Archaeology Channel; updates on excavations (Wessex Archaeology); and lectures on topics (Monticello).


  • Free, in general just need your computer
  • Can multi-task while listening
  • You can make your own

  • Providing your own feedback is difficult
  • You have to deal with the audio equipment on your computer, like RealPlayer or Microsoft Windows Media Player, always a challenge
  • Given the state of the technology, the news will not be as immediate as blogs are today
  • Some podcasting will be unpolished and too long
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