1. Education


Lesson plans and course outlines for potential classes in archaeology, from and for teachers.

The History of Archaeology
From your guide, an ongoing short course on the history of the field.

Science Fair
The following science fair project ideas provide numerous questions and links to information which you may use to develop into a science fair project. New ideas are added often to the science fair project index so check back or give us a bookmark.

A Handbook for Teachers of Archaeology
By Marcia Rollins, and specifically for elementary schools in Saskatchewan, this curriculum guide is quite useful for others teaching archaeology to grades 1 through 6. Only part is online; the complete text may be purchased through this website.

The Archaeologist/Interpreter
From the National Park Service, a lesson plan for public archaeology.

Curriculum Modules for Teachers
From BellNet, a collection of lesson plans for Intermediate kids.

Mr. Donn's Ancient History
Several lesson plans intended for teaching archaeology to middle school students.

SARC: Stone Age Research Collection
Developed at the University of Oslo, this is a teaching collection of information about stone-tool production technology. (under reconstruction as of July 2010)

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