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Entries from Da But to Deserted Medieval Villages

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Denisova Cave (Siberia)
Denisova cave is located in the Altai mountains of Siberia, and it has evidence for hominid occupation beginning 175,000 years ago; and the first evidence for the Denisovans.

Da But (Vietnam)
The archaeological site called Da But is an early Neolithic cemetery and shell midden in coastal region of Thanh Hoa province of Vietnam, recently radiocarbon dated to 5085 BC.

Dacite is a fine-grained volcanic rock found in the American southwest and used to make stone tools.

Dadianzi (China)
Dadianzi is an early Bronze Age site located near Xiajiadian in Chifeng city of Inner Mongolia.

Dadiwan (China)
The Middle Neolithic archaeological site of Dadiwan is located within the upper reaches of the Yellow River near Shaodian in Qi'nan county, Gansu province of China.

Dahaneh Gholaman (Iran)
The site of Dahaneh Gholaman is an Achaemenid period Persian site in Sistan-Baluchestan province in Iran and north of Zahedan, on the border of Iran and Afghanistan.

Dahomey's Royal Road: Cana-Abomey Road
The Cana-Abomey Road was built in the 18th century by the West African kingdom of Dahomey in what is today the country of Benin.

Dahshur (Egypt)
The archaeological site of Dahshur is an Old Kingdom 4th dynasty Egypt site where some of the oldest pyramids in Egypt were built.

Daisy Cave (USA)
Daisy Cave is a rockshelter located in the northern Channel Islands off the coast of California in the western United States, with a Paleoindian occupation.

Dakhleh Oasis
Dakhleh (also spelled Dahkla or is the name of an important oasis located in the Western Desert of Egypt about 300 kilometers west of Luxor.

Dali Cranium (China)
The Dali cranium is a Homo erectus skull found in 1978 in Jiefang Village, Dali County of Shaanxi Province, China

Dalton Culture
The Dalton culture is the name given to one of the cultures dated to the Late Paleoindian, early Archaic (10,500-10,000 years BP) period in the North American continent

Dama de Elche (Spain)
The Dama de Elche is the statue of a woman dated to 4th or 5th centuries BC, recently identified as a funerary urn.

Danebury (UK)
Danebury, now an archaeological park and open to the public, was built in the 6th century BC and continued as a regional center for the next several hundred years.

Danger Cave (USA)
Danger Cave, located in western Utah in the American southwest, contains evidence of 11,000 years of occupation in the desert southwest.

Daoism - Taoism
Daoism is a belief system that arose in China during the Han dynasty, developing from the primitive shamanism of the Ba culture into a formal Daoist religion during the second century BC.

Dar es-Soltan (Morocco)
Dar es-Soltan is a cave on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, with important Aterian stone tool industry occupations

Dara (Egypt)
Dara is the name of a site in central Egypt near the modern town of Asyut and outside the Dahklah Oasis.

Darra-i-Kur (Afghanistan)
The cave called Darra-i-Kur is a Middle Paleolithic site in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan

Dartmoor (UK)
Dartmoor is an extensive agricultural field system in Devon, southwest England, dated to the latter part of the 2nd millennium BC; now a national park in the UK.

Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
The date palm is a very tall tree that produces fruit and was probably domesticated in Mesopotamia, at least long ago as 7,000 years.

Dawenkou Culture
The Dawenkou culture is the name given to the Late Neolithic period of Shandong Province, China, between 5000-3000 BC.

Daxi (China)
The Daxi site is a large Neolithic period settlement and cemetery located in Wushan county within Qutang Gorge of the Yangzi River valley, China.

Dead Sea Scrolls
The Dead Sea Scrolls are the name given to a collection of almost 800 documents written in Hebrew and Aramaic dated between third century B.C. to 68 AD.

Debitage is the collective term used by archaeologists to refer to the sharp-edged waste material left over when someone creates a stone tool

The word decipherment is used by archaeologists to refer to the translation of ancient script forms into modern day language.

Deer Lake Beach (Canada)
Deer Lake Beach is a multicomponent Beaches, Beothuk and Recent Indian site, located on an inlet with coastal access in Newfoundland.

Denali Complex
The Denali complex is a name given to early inhabitants of Arctic North America, also called Paleoarctic

Delos (Greece)
Delos is the name of an island in the Aegean Sea, which according to the Greek legends, is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

Delphi (Greece)
The site of Delphi is the location of a classic Panhellenic sanctuary of Greece, first occupied in the early Archaic period.

Denbigh Flint Culture
The Denbigh Flint Culture is the name given to one of two patterned stone tool complexes of the arctic region around 2500 BC to 800 BC (the other is Pre-Dorset).

Dendrochronology, or tree ring dating, is an archaeological dating technique which uses the changes in growth rings as a proxy for climate changes over time.

Denisova Cave (Russia)
The archaeological site of Denisova Cave is located on the Anui River, in the Altai region of Siberia and cut into the face of a steep limestone cliff.

The Denisovans
The Denisovans are a newly discovered human species, who lived (at least) in what is today Siberia and colonized the southeast Asian islands and China.

Desert Kites
Desert kites are an ancient hunting technique of building stone walls to herd animals to the slaughter.

Dereivka (Ukraine)
Dereivka is a Eneolithic (or Copper Age) village in the Dneiper Valley of the Ukraine, dated 3380-4570 BC, excavated by Dmitriy Yakolevich Telegin of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the 1980s.

Devil's Lair (Australia)
Devil's Lair is one of the oldest securely dated archaeological cave sites in Australia.

Desert Castles
Desert castles are Islamic fortifications built during the earliest days of Islamic expansion, in the 8th century AD.

Deserted Medieval Villages
During the late Middle Ages, thousands of small villages were abandoned, as a result of the Black Death, or related causes; these are called Deserted Medieval Villages.

Devil's Footprints, Campanian Plain, Italy
The Devil's footprints are a trail of footprint tracks made in the volcanic ash of the Quaternary volcano Roccamonfina in the Campanian plain of southern Italy, about 345,000 years ago

Daisy Cave (California, US)
Daisy Cave is a rockshelter located in the northern Channel Islands off the coast of California in the western United States, with a Paleoindian occupation.

Tell el Dab'a (Egypt)
Tell el Dab'a is the modern name of the capital city for the Hyksos in the Nile delta region of Egypt, called Avaris.

Dave the Potter
Dave the Potter was an important American ceramist, who worked in the Edgefield potteries of South Carolina, first as a slave, then as a free man.

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