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Denmark Culture History and Archaology

Danish culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the modern country of Denmark.

Egtved Girl
The Danish site of Egtved refers to a bog body, an extremely well-preserved burial of a Bronze age woman (ca. 1370 BC) located in south Jutland, Denmark.

Graduate Departments in Denmark
Archaeology departments that teach advanced degrees in archaeology and are located in Denmark include Aarhus, Carsten Niebuhr Instituttet for Nærorientalske Studier, and the University of Copenhagen.

Grauballe Man (Denmark)
The Grauballe Man is the name of an Iron Age bog body recovered in 1952 from a peat bog in central Jutland, Denmark.

Huldre Fen Woman (Denmark)
The Huldre Fen woman (also called Huldremose) is a bog body found in a bog called Huldre Fen in northern Denmark, approximately 2,000 years ago.

The Danish site of Jelling is a late Viking period settlement in Jutland, Denmark. Archaeological and culture history about the site is available in Danish and English.

Museet på Koldinghus
History and archaeology at the Museum of Koldinghus; currently has exhibitions on Danish queens and silversmithy.

Ribe (Denmark)
The Danish town of Ribe is said to be the oldest city in Denmark, founded in AD 825 by Vikings.

Sarup (Denmark)
The Danish archaeological site of Sarup in southwest Funen, Denmark contains two Neolithic causewayed enclosures dated to the 3rd millennium BC, one belonging to the Funnel Beaker culture and one to the Klintebakke phase.

Tollund Man (Denmark)
The Danish bog body named Tollund Man was an Iron Age man whose body was recovered in amazingly pristine state from the Bjældskovdal peat bog near Tollund, Denmark.

Trundholm Sun Chariot (Denmark)
The Trundholm Sun Chariot is a single artifact pulled out of a Danish bog near Sjælland, Denmark in 1902; but what an artifact!

Vedbaek (Denmark)
The Danish archaeological site of Vedbaek is an Ertebølle culture Mesolithic cemetery site located in Denmark, with some of the earliest known evidence for social stratification in Europe.

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