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Educational Blogs in Archaeology

Many weblogs these days are run by academics for the main purpose of pedagogy; to elaborate on ideas from classes, provide insight into news stories and discuss other issues of the day.

Cranky Professor: Archaeology
An anonymous art history professor provides details on his personal life and education in general, as well as archaeological topics.

Dr. Claude Mariottini: Old Testament
Dr. Mariottini's blog is definitely in the pedagogical realm, discussing issues and news about biblical archaeology.

John Hawks.net
University of Wisconsin anthropology professor John Hawks' weblog contains scientific musings on biological and paleontology issues.

Roman Times (Mary Harrsch)
Mary Harrsch's weblog covers recent news on Roman Archaeology.

Savage Minds
A group blog by Ph.D. students and professors in anthropology, dedicated to discussing the latest developments in the field of anthropology.

Varnum: India
A great educational blog including entries on the history and archaeology of India.

Windows of The Soul Blog
Alexandra Avakian is a world-renowned photographer whose coverage of the Muslim world has appeared in National Geographic, New York Times Magazine and Time Magazine; her blog is from National Geographic.

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