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Electronic Journals

Each of the links on this page points to a professional archaeological journal or magazine that provides substantial online content, whether as a supplement to their print publication, or solely as an online provider.

The Ancient World in JSTOR
From AWOL (Ancient World OnLine), a listing of all the academic journals kept in JSTOR that have substantial contributions on the ancient world.

Aerial Archaeology Newsletter
Complete articles, but only of the first issue, which came out in 1996, and I don't believe there's been another one.

African-American Archaeology Newsletter
Complete articles, online beginning Spring 1994.

American Journal of Archaeology
The academic end of the Archaeological Institute of America (they also publish Archaeology magazine) is the AJA; their site includes tables of contents and abstracts starting with volume 95 (1991) and some full content.

Archaeology, history, and art history; an attempt to bridge the gap between professional historians and archaeologists and their specialized research, on the one hand, and the general public, the true history and archaeology lovers, on the other. English and Greek.

Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy News
Complete issues beginning with the first newsletter in 1991 through 1998.

Archaeology Magazine
The glossy sister of our publications, Archaeology Magazine includes a list of table of contents to January/February 1996, and abstracted articles beginning March/April of that year.

The University of Sheffield's graduate student e-zine; complete articles.

At the Edge
"aims to 'walk on the cracks' between archaeology, mythology and folklore and provide accessible insights for all with an interest in the latest and most innovative ideas about past and place."

Athena Review
Brand new quarterly journal of archaeology, history, and exploration; online version contains abbreviated versions of the printed version.

Biblical Archaeology Review
Herschel Shanks' quarterly review of near eastern archaeology in an online version.

British Archaeology
Complete articles, right from the first issue.

Bulletin of Information on Computing and Anthropology
Complete articles, beginning with the 1984 issue up to the 1992 issue; it is unclear how active this site is.

The Cave Paleontology and Research Archive, this new completely electronic journal is sponsored by the British Cave Research Association.

The organ of the National Park Service, provides Tables of Contents from the first issue.Complete articles are available as .pdf files for downloading.

CSA Newsletter
Computer Technologies for Archaeologists and Architectural Historians, from Bryn Mawr's Center for the Study of Architecture and Archaeology; complete online issues.

Current Archaeology
A magazine dedicated to British archaeology; this web site is a gold mine of information on things prehistoric and historic in Britain. Abstracts from several articles, beginning with issue 147.

A fairly new journal on Classical archaeology and history, complete downloadable articles from the University of Birmingham.

Electronic Antiquity
Primarily relating to ancient history rather than archaeology, but with some inevitable crossover. Electronic Antiquity has been moribund for several years, but looks like it's back on line at Virginia Tech.

Electronic Publishing Initiative
The Council for British Archaeology and the Society of Antiquaries of London have proposed a consortium of publishers of archaeological journals to produce electronic copies available for purchase online. A very exciting idea, indeed!

Forum Archaeologiae
German language, complete articles or substantial abstracts beginning with the first volume in 1996.

Internet Archaeology
Internet Archaeology publishes only on the web. You'll need to register to get the entire article.

Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie
Internet contributions to archaeology of Egypt and the Sudan, scientific publication and discussion, from Humboldt University, in Berlin. Complete articles in German; abstracts in German and English.

Journal for MultiMedia History
A promising foray into electronic publishing, JMMH is the first peer-reviewed electronic journal that presents, evaluates, and disseminates multimedia historical scholarship.

Journal of Anthropological Archaeology
Devoted to the development of theory and, in a broad sense, methodology for the systematic and rigorous understanding of the organization, operation, and evolution of human societies. Abstracts beginning 1993 are publicly accessible; articles by subscription. 

Journal of Caribbean Archaeology
Complete articles available in downloadable Adobe Acrobat files.

Journal of World Anthropology
The JWA is "an electronic journal dedicated to scholarship in all fields of anthropology, and publishes articles on academic research, matters of theory and methodology, and the education of the public, as well as book, software and film reviews." Recently renewed after a ten-year hiatus; all content is online and free.

Completely online academic journal on the Neolithic period. Articles primarily in German, but some English articles and German articles have English abstracts.

JURN : directory of scholarly ejournals in the arts
JURN lists humanities journals with significant online content; it has a substantial section dedicated to archaeology.

Liguria Paleolithic Art Magazine
Italian and English articles on paleolithic art throughout the world.

Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
Online journal, issued by The University of the Aegean, Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes, Greece, focused on the Mediterranean region neighboring areas.

Notes: The Italian Archaeological Bulletin
Complete articles on a number of Italian archaeological sites and on the cultural history of Italy. Italian and English.

Noticias de Antropología y Arqueología
From Argentina, complete articles in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

From the members of the PALANTH-L electronic community comes word of a new international journal of Palaeoanthropology, called PALANTH to be focused primarily, although not exclusively, on Pleistocene issues; with a specific aim toward research issues "that are relevant and pertinent to our understanding of human biological/cultural evolution and dispersals through time and space".

The Heroic Age
A completely online journal dedicated to the study of the Northwestern Europe from the Late Roman Empire to the advent of the Norman Empire.

The Mammoth Trumpet
A quarterly news magazine, for the public and reports on all aspects of the peopling of the Americas. Published in its entirety on the web beginning with 1995.

The Medieval Review
The Medieval Review (TMR; formerly the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review) has been publishing reviews of current work in all areas of Medieval Studies. The online journal includes reviews, and provides a computer searchable archive of past reviews.

The Post Graduate Forum
Online journal for post-graduate students.

Brand-new (2001) Spanish-language on-line academic journal from the Universidad del Salvador, Argentina; articles on the east from Egypt to China, and from History to Art and Religion.

World Atlatl Magazine
The online magazine of primitive technology (not just atlatls).

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