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French Culture History and Archaeology

Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of France.
  1. French Sites (30)

Underwater Archaeology: French Ministry of Culture
A national service located in Marseilles and Annecy, and is a division of the Heritage Organization (sub-division of archeology) of the French Ministry of Culture. English, French, Arabic.

L'Association des Activités Culturelles du Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (AAC-CEA) Conducts archaeological research in France; work with aerial investigations and the region of Saclay. In French.

Ancient Corsica Tour - Travelling through Prehistory
During September 2000, Paola Arosio & Diego Meozzi of the fabulous Stone Pages conducted a tour of the megalithic beauties of the island of Corsica, sending back a photographic diary of their travels.

Centre Archéologique Européen du Mont Beuvray
International, interdisciplinary studies at the site of Bibracte. French.

Images of sites in Northern France (C Ruggles)
A collection of photographs of archaeological sites in France by Clive Ruggles of the University of Leicester.

Stones of France
Megalithic monuments of France, from Paola Arosio and Diego Meozzi.

Unité Mixte de Recherche CNRS ENS d'Archéologie
Conducts research in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Italy. French

Virtual Visits: French Ministry of Culture
The French Ministry of Culture has a long established tradition of putting archaeological sites on the Internet. Here is a collection of their virtual site visits.

Roquepertuse (France)
Roquepertuse is an Iron Age site, with a famous cultic shrine constructed by its Celtic occupants. But it was also a bit of the history of making alcoholic beverages, a cult in and of itself.

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